Rights And priviledges

Rights And Privileges

  • Attend during general membership meetings.
  • Avail himself of the services of the Cooperative.
  • Secure copies of Cooperative records/documents pertaining to the account information of the concerned members.
  • Has a preference in the payment of interest on share capital & in the distribution of the net assets of the Cooperative in case of liquidation.
  • Such other rights & privileges as may be granted by the General Assembly.

member of a cooperative is an owner of that co-op. Generally, they become a co-op owner (member) when they economically contribute capital through the purchase of a share of the co-op. By becoming a member, an individual receives decision-making rights in the co-op. The level of decision-making rights for member-owners often depends on the size and type of co-op. But in every form of co-op, at a minimum, the members elect the co-op’s board of directors. In addition, members of co-ops must own that co-op equally – meaning all members may only have one share and one vote in decision-making processes.

Reference: http://cultivate.coop/wiki/Members_of_cooperatives

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